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Available Bleich Original Paintings. Almost all Paintings are at 50 Percent off for this fundraising sale There will be sold painting for the purpose of Possible commission of Places that are special to you as I have traveled through out and around the world Painting on Locations that you may have visited and loved.I can transform the Photograph you have taken into more of a dynamic living painting that would grace your home with your own special memories of special times in your life.There was a time when over half of my work was commissioned.

Impressionism, the tradition lives on in the luminous paintings of

George J. Bleich

Exploring the World of Natural Light on Location through out the World,
Capturing on Linen Its Timeless Beauty

Respected Artist Member of the Salmagundi Club of New York City, and the Copley Society of Boston, Former Artist in Residence in the Yosemite Studio of the great 19th Century Painter, Thomas Hill

Bleich Gallery Established in Carmel in 1969

Of the one man Carmel artist galleries in the sixties, Bleich Gallery is one of the last remaining ones that has not become a multiple artists gallery. It is a family gallery now in the true sense of the word. George features his paintings and those of his sons, Jonathan and Christopher Orion Bleich. His Mother Helen crossed over to the other side and went to Heaven , December 13, 2002. It was 60 years to the day that, her husband, Harry Bleich, a Merchant Marine officer was missing in action in the North Atlantic in 1942. Though she is gone, Cheerful memories of Mother Bleich will always be shared in the gallery. Eric, the eldest of the sons, designed and maintains Bleich's home page.

Bleich had One Man Shows at the Hibel Gallery on Worth Ave. in Palm Beach, Fla., in Houston Texas, Hilton Head, South Carolina, St. Simons island, Georgia, Scottsdale Arizona, Dayton, Ohio, North Conway, New Hampshire, and New Milford, Conn. He maintained a studio residence and a continuous one man showing of his work in Gloucester, Mass. for 18 years.

Press Reviews

"His seascapes are a powerful, vital force." -Texas; The South Westerner

"Powerful exhibit, Bleich is able to transform a subject into reality, glowing with light and expression -Georgia, Islander

"His Meticulous canvases reflect his complete identification with his subject." -Florida Palm Beach Post

"Bleich's paintings have their own light" -Massachusetts, Gloucester Times

"Beautiful, sun-filled paintings of wildflowers, rendered with a Monet-like sensitivity to color harmony, complement the luminosity of his dynamic seascapes. Unusual, luminous quality, a penetrating use of light that shines throughout his works lifts it from the ordinary to superb artistry." -Monterey, This Month

"Bleich's use of color is effective and dramatic." -Carmel, Carmel Pine Cone

"George Bleich is a complex man of his time, vitally fulfilling his role as a naturalist, sailor, painter and teacher. His depth of feeling is matched by his intensity and painstakingly developed skills. Combined, they make a powerful statement of a man in tune with himself, his environment and the forces of nature, The paintings George Bleich creates are known for their haunting power and luminous color." -Colorado, Artist of the Rockies and Golden West

New Art for my Home Page. " Following Paintings are in Random Order. Some are from my own collection. "


The Road from St. Tropez 20x24 $1500 not $3000

I really like the fresh neo impressionst quality to this peice. I was excited by the exciting changes in the the progression that art went through in this geographical area. Impressionism led to the work of the Neo Impressionist's more scholarly scientific understanding of color than evolved into a more expressionist approach, that soared not on the wings of science but on the wings of human emotions. New freedom was discovered here in work where the human spirit soared. That freedom is reflected in this work

Superb on Location Painting "Swift River"New Hampshire,
18x24 $1500 not $ 3000

Painting this area of the Swift River along the kangamangus Highway was alaway special in all seasons.. We would picnic there. I have seen time when I had to brush a foot of snow off the picnic table before I could set up my easle on it.I lke the feeling of mist in the air, delicately muting the scene. In the summer Kids would ride over the rapids on inflated tires. I enjoyed this excellent painting in my own collection for years. ,
18 x 24---

"Robinson J3effers, Man in the Hawk Tower",
11x14 $1100 SOLD

I have enjoyed Robinson Jeffer's poetry and the hawk tower fasinated me. I have a painting of the tower started on Location when I use to live in the Carmel point area before moving to Pebble Beach. It is a 22 by 28 or 24 x 30 One of my dearest friend who passed aways was the poet laureat of the Big Sur. Eric Barker, He was a friend of Dylan Thomas and Robison Jeffers. we would go down to historic areas in the Big Sur on Picnic together. He called me his mystic friend. we had a common bond with the constellation Orion. We would visit with some of his other artist friends like the sculptor, B Buzz Brown? who did the dark angel that was at the entry way of Nepthene. Professor Larry Bekoven and his wife Edith Dinkin whom Eric and I would vist in Turlock, winetasting our way across the Vally to get there.

"Polynesian Abstraction",
30 x36-- $ 4450 not $8900

Raitaia was one of the less developed but no less beautiful than other more famed Polynesiam Islands that I have painted. I enjoy the pure abstraction set up by nature in this work. Yhe delicate hues of the shallow water on the iside of the reef. The dark slash of deep ocean with other distant Islands meeting the lighter hues of the sky. I could see this work in a contemporary home of some well traveled family who may have fond memories of the islands. It could also find it way in a home to call you to visit the Islands. It is interesting yet understandable how People who purchased my work will travel as I did to find the site of the painting and there are others who have fond memories of an area that we both have spent enjoyable time.

"Pinnacles at Point Lobos",
16 x20-- $2500 Sold

If there is another place in the world that can surpass Point lobos fora dynamic range of Land and Sea meetings, please inform me so I can go and paint that area too. There is apremium added to the price of this work for it excellence rendering in pigment some of the great strength that personifys Point Lobos and the Ocean in conflict with it. I kept this in my collection for that reason.

"Across from the Muse D'Orsay," Paris
20 x 24-- $1500 not $3000

The Breton (Brighton Hotel) along the Rue D'Rivoli offered great views of Paris. The rooms were pleasant and the views were magnificant. I have started a nunber of paintings from our room's balacony. As Paris Hotels go it was reasonably priced especially with such wonderful views to paint. It was a short walk from the Lourve Museum and a pleasnt walk to Muse d'Orsay. and the Jeu d'Paune and it wonderful collection of art.looked over to Eiffel Tower.

"Paradise Island,Nassau Bahamas
20 x 24-- $1400 not $2800

I really enjoyed painting different areas of Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas Island. I sailed there as teenager and many more times since than. I return to paint it later in life and look forward to returning to paint it again and enjoy Conch Salad and other native Island food favortes along with some good Pina Coladas. I wrote my song Mont Gay rum on the opposite side of Paradise Island, while drinking Mount Gay Rum , Lying in the sun on the beach on the beach

"Palm Beach South" Florida
20 x 24-- $1500 not $3000

I gave this painting to my Mother as a pleasant reminder of when she lives in West Palm Beach before she moved to Carmel. I started it on location along an Ocean Blvd. just South of Palm beach, Fla. I had some one tell me later Jimmy Buffet had a home along that raod.

"Open Ocean"
12 x 24-- $2000 Sold

I gave this painting to my Mother who sailed professionally for many years and met my Dad at sea.

"Nevada Falls Yosemite"
20 x 24-- $1400 not $2800

This work was started while I was Artist in residence in Thomas Hill's Studio in Yosemite. I would take the time to paint different areas of the park in this period.

"Mount Washington, N.H."
30 x 48 -- $12000 Sold

I was chatting with the local Postmaster in Center Conway N.H.. I said I missed painting the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. He took me for a ride up a dirt mouintain road and showed me there is indeed Grandeur in The White Mountains. I had a home there and I must declare that the warmth and caring attitude of the people there was with out match. In California you have acquaintances, in New England you have friend They would bring us home baked cookies and home grown flowers. It took a little longer to get to know them and they became real friends who would put some Califonians to shame. They would help you in any way they can and you would do the same for them. I in turn would teach their kids in the 4H club how to paint and sometimes their parents. But I have done that where ever I am.

"Mount St Victoire."
20 x 30 -- $1750 not $3500

20x30 -- $1750 not $3500 This was one of the most filled with unique memorable experiences , painting on location In Aix n' Provence. Some of the highlight, a local gendarme gave me a police arm patch and said I was an honaray member of his police Dept after spending some time with me while I was painting another view of Mt. St Victoire. I signed a mini print for him earlier, as I am apt to do when traveling. One of the large gravel trucks that constantly passed me while working on the Mountain Painting, stopped while I was doing a painting just down the road of a farm scene. He told me the view of Mt St Victoire was magnificent from the top of an opposite Mountain. I followed his directions and this painting was the result.The white specks on the dry grass in the forground were snail shells.

When I went down the mountain road when I was finished, I found my car on the wrong side of a chain across the road blocking access to or egress from the road. . Not a good fix to be in. I tried to drive down an embankment slowly instead of flooring it and fying through the air over the embankment. It did not work and I ended ended up stradling my rental car like a seesaw unable to go in either direction. Then one of the large gravel trucks pulled up on the other side of the chain. The driver told me he would try to help me. He drove into the field and hooked a chain on my car's front end and there for awhile I thought He was going to pull it off the car. But he rescued me from a night on a country road. He told me He was from Almenia ( Germany) and I signed one of my mini prints for him To my friend Hans, from Germany.

"Homage to Modrian"
18x24 -- $1300 not $2600

There is a small upper center block of colors and shapes that was the starting nucleus of this work. I have always enjoyed Modrian's use of rectangles in his compositions.The image has sand set into the spaces in between the rectangles so it is almost like sandy grout between the shapes. the different shapes are almost like small paintings with interesting positive and negative shape that are suggestive of subject matter.

" Marrietta Town Square, Ga." 30 x36 $4450 not$8900

" While visiting My Sister and family in Marrietta Ga. I spent a couple of very enjoyable days painting the bandshell in the town square. I did a smaller one which I sold called "Georgia on my mind". This larger one was started the next day. It is common for people to select the starts of my work and ask me to leave it as it is While I still feel I may have work to do on it. There have been others that I like the freshness of the original impression and will not do more on it. some I leave where they were and others They will request that I bring it to a finished state.,

"Letters never sent."
18x24 -- $ 1000 not $2000

I enjoyed exploring composition dynamics in this work, playing with the relationships of shapes and colors. and placed a little Yin Yang, Taoism for symbolism,

Lago La Guarda"
22x28 -- $1900 not $3800

Lago La Guarda was another pleasing gem in the Northern Italian lake Area. I still have some work to do in the fore ground and on the trees. If ever you find yourself sweltering in Rome or other hot humid area of Italy in the simmmer, head for the Far cooler beautiful lake Region of Northern Italy.I believe that St. Angela Merici lived in this general area( The Name of the Church I attend, sing in the Choir and lead the rosary every weekday after the 8 AM daily Mass) .

" Ivy Gate by the sea"
20 X 24 -- $1400 not $2800

This gate way opens to a charming Carmel hideawy that over looks Carmel Beach. I was fortunate to be invited to a casual out door barbecue with good wine by a Doctor friend from Texas who commissioned me to do a painting of the entry way for the ownwers.I so enjoyed the dinner , the company and doing the work for him I did two and gave him the choice of his very generous gift to their own dear friends. I changed the name of this to Heaven's Gate by the sea and started painting, Jesus heart of Divine Mercy on the other side of the Gate. will E mail you a picture of it if you are intrsted.

"Auberge de Ill"
24x30 -- $2000 not $4000

Auberge de' Ill is a river bank 4 star Restaurant in the Alsace Area of France. The area is beutiful and the cusine is great . This was an on location study for a larger commission Painting who loved this Restaurant"

"Monet's Bridge"
22x28 -- $ 1900 not $3800

Like Monet did I have done serial paintings of the bridge at Giverny. In the process I would once again be in Monet's bateau painting which was one my unique experiences painting there. When I paint I relive wonderful experiences that blessed my travel through out the world."

"Carmel Monastery Morn"
18x24 -- $3000 Sold. +++++ A smaller one I started 10 years after the first one is available upon completion, Photo upon request

This work was one I gave to my Mother as I would take her there to Services. It is also one of my best paintings of the Carmelite Monastery from Point lobos. It was started in the morning from a Whaler Cove vantage Point. I started another smaller painting in this same area about 10 to 15 years after I started this one , I had a very unique experience when I returned to the area to take reference photos for the new work, The Hills and Monastary where totally obscured by the fog at the time my leg was in very bad painful shape that impaired my walking and ability to go up the steep rough rock steps to the plateau where I started the painting. I had to park along Highway one and it was an arduos walk in as only a limited number of cars are allowed in Point Lobo at a time. The You tube that follows may earn me a new nick name , the fog Cutter. The smaller image is not completed yet and may have a reduced price of $ 700 depemding on it size

"Church Hill's Bridge
20 x 24 -- $1400 not $2800

Winston Churchill was a fine painter who as I , enjoyed the area of Aix en' Provence. This was one of his favorte subject matter that He returned to time and again to paint. It is quite like some of the old English stone bridges.

"Moonlight at Carmel Beach"
20 x 20 -- $1200 not $2400

There is no red in this painting that is just a background color behind the painting. The shape of this work can add a refreshing contrasting shape to your home. I have been exploring diamond shape paintings for many years. A smaller size work will have more of a dynamic presence and occupy the same space as a larger work at a more reasonable price. and $1300 is

The Garden of Cap Ferrat, French Riviera
24 x 30 -- $2000 not $4000

If ever in Nice along the Cote d' Sur, South of France, do go to Cap Ferrat, and visit the wonderful Roschild Garden where I started this work. This section had a replica of the temple of love from Versaille. The garden is divied into out rooms reflecting different world garden with sculpture etc.

"Lotus Heaven", Bora Bora
16 x 20 -- $ 1000 not $2000

Bora Bora was one of my favorite of the Polynesian Islands. This delightful work was started just behind the Church of St.Charles Barthlomew. There was a stream that flowed down from the mountain and formed a small pond.

"Thunder Surf
24 x 36 -- $2450 not $4900

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

There is a roar when wave this large crash on our coast lines.

Bali Sundown
24 X 30 -- $2000 not $4000, This study was just to West of the Temple, Tanah Lot.

Fields of Bali
20 X 24 -- $1000 not $2000, This study was of another less exotic but practical agriculture side of Bali

"After Glow, Boardman Bridge, Yosemite
20 x 24 -- $2800, Sold This work was started on location in Yosemite and is a work from the artist collection.

"Pyramids at Giza" Egypt
12 x 16 -- $1,200 Sold

This work was started on location in Giza. People are surprized to see green areas and fields in my paintings , but the Nile delta has been the bread basket of Egypt for ever.

"Sunset at Sunset beach"
20 x 24 --$2800 sold

I gave individual who stopped to chat my CDs titled Honey Moon Heavens which had some of the songs I have written in Hawaii on. Some were on there Honey Moon and others celebrating their Anniversary. Some were just celebrating life and the joy of the moment...

"Moonlight at Giverny"
18x24 -- $2600 sold

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Giverny once again is portrayed by Bleich but in it’s night garb. This picture of the painting fails to show the wonderful changes that take place when this work is in a lower light. The moon is especially luminous on the pond and the stars sparkle like diamonds. Orion is just to left of the moon and Bleich’s other star friends await your viewing pleasure, Taurus , Pleiades , the Hyades that form Taurus are like diamonds set against a deep sapphire sky drop. There are beautiful blues, turquoises and magentas ringing like chord s of color in visual unison in the sky. the flowers, banks, pond and trees.

The freedom that the head gardener extended to me to go freely in before the Garedns were open and stay past Midnight and later if I so desired has set wonderful memories of observing,studying and experiencing with all my senses the unique special beauty that Monet , the master gardener created in his gardens in Giverny. . When I call upon them while doing the commissions of Giverny that I am an experienced master at creating having spent more time over the years, painting at Giverny on location than any artist I know of other then Monet., I am transported back to Giverny, recalling vividly the same unique experiences that Monet did, of Being totlly surrounded by it's visual beauty and totally immersed in the fragrances and subtle day and night sounds and changing light of this special wonderful place!

"Thanksgiving by the Sea"
30x48 -- $15,000 Sold

This work of art, from his personal collection, was featured in Artist of the Rockies and Golden West on George Bleich's work in the fall issue of 1979.

"America’s Strength"
30x40 -- $4950/ not $9,900

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Monhegan Island a rugged Island out post Nine miles out in the Atlantic off the Maine Coast has attracted the attention of American Artist for years. Jamie Wyeth Purchased the old Rockwell Kent home and resides there in the summer. The major Bleich painting the Irish Washer Woman, Accepted by President Ford while he was in the White house was started from a study done on location there not far from Christmas Cove.

This exciting scene portrays the impervious lasting strength of the headlands of Monhegan. The granite rock mass thrust against the charge of the crashing waves. The subtle light and honesty of this dynamic painting dominates the scene and lifts the work into a special unique painting of America’s coastline painted by a sailor artist who loves and knows the sea intimately.

A Luminous Painting Filled with Light and Joy, Carmel Beach,"Toast to Sundown Dreams"
36x48 -- $8000 not $16,000

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

This paining is absolutly Beautiful under varible Lights, The sun rays come down one at a time as the luminous light in the sky expands. Bleich has been in love with the natural beauty of a place that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote of as the greatest meeting of Land and sea in the world ever since he passed through in 1960. He returned to spend the winter of 68 capturing and honing his natural talent at portraying the strength and beauty of the sea by painting out of doors day after day. He studied it’s subtle intricacies, painting in all aspects of weather and conditions. He returned in 1969 to open his gallery in Carmel.

The scene is of Carmel Beach with Pescadero point in the back ground on the right. There is actual sand from Carmel Beach in the foreground. The beautiful light streaming down from the heavens reflect the artist love of life coupled with the new rays of affection that he was experiencing in his own life.

The Poem celabrates the joy of being in Love. Lyrics describes the feeling I and many other have shared toasting their Sundown dreams, Watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

May sunset memories, set once more, at your mind's command,
Only more slowly so you can paqrtake of and extend the beauty of the moment.
Let us drift back and share once again, the beauty of the Pacific Ocean
As it takes the sun to it's rest, to it's sea breast,
The light touch of a caress of the mind
Taking place behind the breaking crest of a rising luminous wave.
A wave rising like the energy of sparkling white wine
In a toast to sundown dreams.

May your dreams rest
Just beneath the surface of your mind
Where you can recall them from time to time
To share with your love one as I do with mine
The merging of dreams with the mingling of time
The excitement of love, the discovery it brings
How it colors the sky with your natural high
In a toast to sundown dreams.

Like grains of sand at the beach close at hand,
Your days will roll on like the waves,
Journeys may take you miles away
But in your heart a memory will stay
Of feelings and love you shared that day
So lift your glass of sparkling wine, raise your glass one more time,
"May your dreams become memories somewhere in time,"

Bleich put the poem to music for your pleasure.
To download these MP3s right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

"Sundown dreams" a song for lovers.

The song True love is like the evergreen tree sung at the wedding is like a circle of love. Love is the mountain wind, the flowing stream, the ocean tides and eventually the white dove that returns to Heaven. The seasons are the seasons of life.

"North of the Lone Cypress,"
30x40 -- $9900 Sold

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

There is a refreshing vitality to this stunning painting that captures the uniqueness of the 17 mile drive of Pebble Beach. After working on a commissioned work of the Lone Cypress, Bleich discovered a view screened by cypress tree that presented a challenge that he had to answer. It was a sparkling day as you will ever find. The waves were a wonder in their strength and beauty. The luminosity of the curling wave seem to linger longer as the wave rose to shatter in foam on our rock bound coast. The lupine, poppies and yarrow bedecked Mother Nature with their spring attire.

"Secrets of the Seine."
30x40 -- $ 4950 not $9,900

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Bennecourt has always been a special place of peace and beauty to Bleich since he discovered and retreated to it serenity after a harrowing painting experience in Jafosse , while painting on a the rock bed of stones supporting railroad tracks. One foot was back slightly on against where it raised up to support the wood ties and tracks. A high speed French train whirled by extremely close. The train extended over the track and I was right next to it. I found out about the expression that one heart was in your mouth at that moment! I left there a bit shook up. I went to the other side of the Seine river in Benecourt. I found a boat along the Seine and set up and started the study for this beautiful pointillist painting. There is more texture than usual in this painting and it will reflect light from more sources on the heavy impasto texture. The strength of the use of pure color is muted by complimentary colors yet hold it dynamic edge. It is common for Bleich to study his work scanning it to insure the relationships of value and hues are all in place. While he was doing this in a dim light he was surprised at the profusion of unintended imagery that permeated the work. It is a bit like finding faces in natural things, like clouds and foam. Here the images were in the trees primarily. Some artist will intentionally do camouflage art combining nature with images. Bleich prefers to do this subconsciously. Hence the secrets of the Seine remain for some one else to discover.

"Windward Coast, Makapu Point"
30 x 30 -- One of my very best on location works of my favorite Windward location in Hawaii. I love this area and this superb painting from my personal collection is a gift at $4000 not $ 8000

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

The crown jewel of the Windward Coast of Oahu. The lighthouse rules over one of the more dramatic vista points of Oahu .The exciting contrasts of magnificent waves crashing ashore at the bottom of towering headlands empowers the sense of excitement that is inescapable.

The sheer joy of painting out of doors again was made infinitely more satisfying by having my son Christopher and his fiancé Marina painting along side of me there. It was just like old times when We painted together on our trip around the world. The special one who was missing was my son Jonathan who was still back on the mainland. Someday I hope the three or more of us can paint our way around the world again but in the opposite direction so we can get back the day we lost crossing the International date line. I feel this work is a gem of a seascape.

"North Shore Sundown"
24 x 30 -- $2000 not $4,000

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

There are perfect well formed waves to ride, Beautiful weather and warm water to ride them in that made the North Shore the destination of Surfers from around the world. Beaches of glowing warm soft sand rimmed by Coconut Palm swaying in tropical Sea breezes. Couples of all ages, some with pets in a paradise mind set of their own watched Mother Earth shedding her robes of day. Attired in the sunset hues of haven reflecting on her flowing robes of the sea. This was the inspiration that graced both of these Sunset paintings of the North Shore

"Roaring Camp"
16 x 20 -- $1,000 not $2000

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

This was painted in Felton in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is the park where the scenic Rail road leaves for Santa Cruz wending it way through the mountains to the shore. Painting out of doors can be a wonderful restorative pastime drawing upon the beauty of the area and sharing it’s positive energy with a painting companion at the time and than with someone who may have crossed the cover bridge and stopped to admire the Willow tree, the pond and ducks at play. Aflack!

Maui Memory link

"Maui Memory," Hanna Road, Maui
14 x 18 --$ 800 not $1400

Hidden Beaches await your enjoyment in Maui. This painting was started at one of the hidden small beaches along the Hanna Road. This is a winding road along the rainy, exotic side of Maui. You will feel like you are driving into the forest primeval as you drive deep into the lush jungle green that grows denser with each narrow, curving mile. A narrow road of waterfalls and bridges and too many curves takes you back in time and space. Some of the locals who live in the area really enjoyed watching me start this piece and were fascinated how I portrayed the character of the vegetation and the sea. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

"Restless Sea"

18 x 24 -- $2,600


Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

In Care of an angel
24 by 30 $ 3800

Contributed to CatholicMil.org to raise money for Chaplins, Bibles, Prayerbooks and Rosaries

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

To download this MP3 right click the song's title and select 'save target as'.

“In care of an angel.” I wrote a beautiful song Care of an Angel while working on this painting. It was the fourth one of a series of angel paintings. The subtle emphasis is on an angel with her protective hands on the shoulders of a soldier keeping him safe while he is in harms way. It is the North end of Carmel point looking toward Pebble Beach. I put the lyrics on the back of the painting as I created them, while working on it. I am dedicating this song and painting to the families of the world, Moms, Dads and children. It matters not whether the children are in cribs at home, or on the battle lines in some foreign land. There are always times when we need extra special loving care from above. I wrote this while working on a series of angel paintings while also asking for angelic help with some of my own problems and Angels seemed to have answered my call. “May Jon and all my children be in Care of an angel. May all your children be the same .”

"Cleopatara's Barge"
24x 36 -- $4,900 There is no reduction as the cost will be divied between my 2 sons and I who all worked on this piece, It is the only Painting the 3 of us worked together on our painting trip trip around the world. From my own private collection. the story of the work is on the next section in directory my other section

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting Link

"The Git Git Falls," Bali
30 x 36 -- $ 4450 not $8,900

My Sons and I really enjoyed ourselves in Bali. This ultimate exotic land had an unusual range to its verdant landscaped topography, friendly people and spirituality. The beauty of Git Git Falls was enhanced by the visual experience on the trip over the mountains and hike to the falls. The Bali sense of history is interwoven with temples and tradition. Git Git is one of the tallest accessible falls in Bali. The Bali Boys, Chris, Jonathan and Dad, all started paintings at the same location below the falls. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting link

"Temple Lot," Bali
30 x36 --$4450 not $8,900

If ever there was a dramatic meeting of spirituality and the sea , it is at Temple Lot in Bali. This particular stretch of coast attracts many who congregate throughout the day awaiting the magic of a Bali sunset. In a Balinese sort of way it reminds me of Mount St. Michael in Cornwall , England, and Mount St. Michele in Normandy, France. I have painted at these places in the past and look forward to seeing them again in the future. I started two other paintings in Bali of the Ubed Rice fields, and numerous others through out the island. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

"Dawn at St. Remy"
30 by 36 $8900 sold, Purchased by a knowledgable Russian Collector very familiar with Impressionism from the great Impressionist collections in Puskin and the Hermitage Museums in Russia. I have a number of collectors who owned original Monets,Renoirs , Cezannes and Gauguins purchase my work when I was a young artist and they were Mature Knowledgable collector. Needless to say I will not see them again until I cross oiver to the other side which I am in no rush to do at 78 years of age. My Mother lived to be 99 so I feel I have more good painting years ahead. I was cured from Macular dehgeneration which according to my doctors never happen. I believe that God may want me to do more of my Religious paintings reflecting my Spiritual Journey that I find very inspirational in my Music and art,with my focus on Being a God Loving Peacemaker.

One of the very special sunrises I have painted of St. Remy. Every moring sunrise was different. One could feel the presence of God and Van Gogh, inspired by wonderful morning light., painting in St Remy. Provence will always be special both in wonderful memories of exploring creatively the haunts of my mentor Van Gogh. I look forward to returning to further explore the warmth and subtle brilliance of St .Remy. I can still hear the pleasant greeting of the cheerful waitress serving petite de jeneur. Bon Jour , Monsieur, when I would return to the hotel for a breakfast after starting my sunrise painting. Every sunrise was unique with it's own quality to challenge the start of my creative day. What I really enjoy in this work is an ethereal subtle transition of natural light rays that permeates the painting .Under changing lights this work seems so much like nature and the light of Provence that I fell in love with. The structure to the left is the asylum of St. Paul de Mausole where Van Gogh was incarcerated after he cut off his ear in Arles. His spirit still prevails the place with his pervading magic. That presence will continue to inspire artist for hundreds of years in the future. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Dream River link

"Dream River" Danube River, Lintz, Austria
48 x 48 -- $11000 not $21,000

"Dream River" is a fine example of my innovative approach of overlapping pointillism. The colors are laid down adjacent to each other over a complimentary under-painting. There are an amazing number of varied hues singing together in luminous harmony. I returned to my father's former homeland, Austria, to initiate the studies for this piece. The day before, I almost fell into the Danube. I ran down the wharf to jump on a river steamer as it was pulling away from the dock on its way to Lintz. I just made it with the help of the crew, who caught me. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Harmony At Monet's
"Harmony at Monet's in Teal and Dusty Rose,"
Monet's Pond at Giverny -- 48x48 -- $11000 not $21,000

This painting of the Japanese Bridge at Monet's was developed from a study started in Giverny on our trip around the world. The light reflecting off the mirrored surface of the pond was uniquely different in quality of hue. It is understandable how Monet was drawn to do so many paintings of the same theme at diffrent times of day. Likewise, my exploration of the ever changing range of hues on the same subject has led to an awareness of an expanded spectrum of expression. It brings more satisfaction in use and potentially in the viewing. Being there with my sons, Chris and Jonathan, added to the pleasurable development of this work. It was somewhat like breathing in heavily the color of the moment and having the energy flow out in harmony that you can feel. The joyful process of painting comes to life again in the joy of viewing and appreciating inspired works of art. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

"Como Blue"
4 Feet by 5 Feet --$ 11000 not $38,000 These Prices reflect my need of the moment.

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Symphony in Blues

"Symphony in Blues and Greens," Monet's Pond at Giverny,This work was donated to New Orlean's for Hurricaine relief, in memory of my MIA Father, Captain Harry Bleich
60x60 -- $50,000

I feel that every year an artist should reach down and deep inside himself and do a major work of art that is special and of importance, reflecting where the artist is at that time. "The symphony of Blues and Greens" is unique in many ways. The lily pads were my stepping stones to the multi-hued wisteria gracing the Japanese bridge. The opening of the sluice gate would pull the pond water under this bridge to mingle with the flow of the River Seine. The same water would mingle with the warmth of the Gulf Stream until it formed the waves that surrounded some Island. The deeper range of exotic hues reflect my own dreams at the time. In some way we create our own islands of contentment in our homes and gardens. The pond area was Monet's island sea. In the natural flow of the tides of life, we all need our own peaceful island, to retreat from the world's chaos. My paintings are my islands of escape into a world of beauty and harmony. The colors that illumine the paintings are reflective of a range of hues that I feel within me. When I would retire to sleep at night there were specific colors that would appear in my mind that would escort me to the world of dreams. Jewel tones of turquoise blues, vibrant dancing magenta interwoven with pulsating cool teal greens. These were my colors that I experienced. They were not necessarily the colors of Normandy. Perhaps they were the hues of some island in the middle of the Pacific that I will be drawn to in the same way that Tahiti drew Gauguin to its breast and final resting place. There is a symbolism to bridges, though I must confess I shall probably always enjoy sailing under them out to sea than crossing over them. Though I was painting Giverny, I was sailing in my island dream. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

"The Shroud of Christ"
24 x 36 -- Artist's Collection

Some day, my painting of the "Shroud of Christ" will be presented to a church as a gift. It would be well for some one to give me recompense so I may continue my calling , work I do bringing Knowledge of Jesus's Love and God's forgiveness to the Ill and Infirmed in Rest homes and Hospitals before it's time to depart. Father Gabrielle of St. Remy was the first to ask for my painting of the Shroud. He was my friend and chaplain at the chapel at the asylum of St. Paul de Mausole in Provence where Vincent Van Gogh sought solace. I would have given it to him but a Nun in charge of the chapel said no. There was some controversy dealing with the shroud that focused on carbon dating. The most recent test placed the shroud back at the time of Christ. "

I did another special painting of Christ called the Prince of Peace. This work portrayed an image of Christ based on the "Shroud of Christ.I gave that painting to Father Ed for his church in Africa"In the interest of promoting peace and understanding among all who worship God". It was a spontaneous gift, I felt I should and did not know why I gave it to Father Ed. In the past other have tried to purchase the work and I said no. I was pleasantly surprized to find out the name of his Church later. It was St. Patricks. I went to St Patricks school in New York from the first to the eight th grade and was an altar boy at St, Patricks church,. when I was a kid.

Many of the great artists of the past and present have used their creative energy to reflect their faith. Why not encourage more? Perhaps we could do at least one work a year, reflecting spirituality in thanksgiving for the gift from God of our talents. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting link

"Carly's Special Friend, The Lone Cypress, A Prayer Painting"
24 x 30 -- Artist's Collection

This painting became a prayer painting when I was informed by Carly from Brisbane, Australia that she was being taken off the transpalnt list when she was in desperate need of 2 new Lungs as she was not healthy enough for a lifesaving double lung transplant that she was waiting for close to a year. As a prayer offering, For a period of three weeks I repainted the changing times of day taking it to morning light for a few days, then the next couple days through afternoon, Then to sundown There is almost an elephant skin texture from the many layers of paint. This process was repeated over and over again till I heard the welcome news that Carly had a successful double lung transplant that has exceeded the normal 10 years expectancy of use before another operation may be necessary. As of April 2014 it has been over 17 years of using the replacement lungs. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

I loaned this painting to a Christian couple. Emily came into my gallery and asked if I had a painting of the Last Supper of Christ. She said Her husband was out in the car resting Her husband was very ill with cancer. THe doctor told them not even to bother with Chemo as the cancer was too invasive. I told Emily to come back tomorrow and I would prepare one of my Lourdes water bottles for Peter.I prepared my Lourdes Water bottle for Peter with one of my seascape painting on it. I sang my Evergreen Tree song for them and and Peter's complexion changed from ash gray to more color. Peter wanted to buy one of my mini prints called Heaven's Gate I said Peter I want you to have it as a gift as I knew he was not working. I told him the story about my Moongate prayer painting and how I believed it help this young lady who was too ill to have a necessary double lung transplant or she would die. I worked on the painting as a prayer offering for her for about three weeks and I received a call from Australia telling me her health has changed for the better and she was able to have the transplant. I told them she was doing well and was coming to visit me from Australia later that year, and I wanted her to see the painting she inspired me to do. I told Peter and Emily Carly would not becoming to America for another 6 months so I wanted them to enjoy the positive energy in the work. I think of my work as holistic impressionism, that in the the same way that nature when coupled with belief can have an uplifting effect on individuals. Peter and Emily Gonzales never returned the painting as promised and I thought that perhaps Peter has passed away.

A couple of years later I came across Their address and telephone number late at night. I was going to call them the next morning to find out how Peter was. Emily called me that morning out of the blue , It was almost like mental telepathy! She said Peter was well and he wanted to come with her when they brought the painting back as he wanted to visit with me. I suggested that perhaps they could ship it up. She said they would. After a period of time went by , I called Emily and she said I had the wrong number. I do believe that it was her as I knew I had the right number.

Another Lady who had problems of her own had studied advanced healing technique and Informed me I was using healing spiritual approaches with out training, doing what she studied how to do. She said the reason thye were reluctant to return the painting was they felt it was helping Peter to continue living. I wrote on my homepage a message for Peter and Emily to kep the painting with out feel guilt and to smile likethey did when I sang the Evergreen Tree to them and Peter's complexion changed from an ashen gray to a more healty hue with a warm smile of happiness, love and hope. It was all a matter of raising Prayers of praise for healing and offering up my spiritual songs I write and would sing while doing art work I would offer up as a prayer for those in need of healing. I would use candles, pictures at times at times in my videos where I would ask other to join me in Prayers for specific People. I do believe in the power of prayers and have had visual affirmations in the creative process that I feel I am to share to help me fulfill my mission of sharing Christ Commands of Love including the new one,Chapter 13 verse 34. To work for Peace in the world among the Children of Abraham.

Ponte d' Arc link

"Ponte d' Arc," Pay sage d' Cezanne, Aix en Provence
24 x 30 -- $4500


Cezanne played a major role in my development. He is one of the few artists who possessed the intellectual depth to convey his approach and theory in his autobiographical writings. The stream in this scene is not far from where Cezanne had his studio. I really enjoy the strength and unique compositional approach in dividing up areas into a square and a rectangle. I used a theme that the impressionists were attracted to: that of a single bridge span. The continuity of color harmony was achieved through weaving related hues throughout the work. This area had a very pleasant aura. There were joggers running, children playing, painters painting and lovers walking hand in hand through the dapple. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

"The Lone Cypress"
9x12 -- $800


Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting Link

"A Summer's Day," France
13 x 16 -- $1,200

Another delightful experience was painting near Vetheuil by the Seine. Happiness is responding to the beauty of France on a beautiful summer day while on a painting trip around the world. I felt a sense of rising, loving pride watching my two sons respond creatively in a like manner to the beauty shared. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

"Halfway Bridge" River Seine
14 x 18 -- $1,400


Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting link

"The Headlands of Corfu," Greece
14 x18 -- $1,400

This was started on the west coast of Corfu. This delightful garden Greek island is known as a painter's paradise. I started other paintings in Greece on our trip around the world, at Point Sounion's Temple of Poseidon and at Delphi. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

"Sundown at Cypress Pt."
16 x 20 -- $2000


Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting Link

"Romancing the Seine," France
18 x 24 -- $2,500

A pointillist painting of the Seine at Bennecourt. It was started as a demonstration for school children in the first grade. I do volunteer teaching at local schools. This work of art was completed after I returned from France, with the refreshing experience of painting at Bennecourt once again. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.


" Moonlight Eze" France

20 x 24 -- $2,800

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.


"Wave Watchers," Carmel Beach
20 x 24 -- $2,800

Key West has a pier that people congregate to watch the sun settle in the west. Carmel has something better to offer. A sandy beach that you can stroll along while watching the setting sun. If you look to the north, you can see golfers playing the famous Pebble Beach golf course. To the northwest, Pescadero Point and the remains of the Witch Tree. and other unique Cypress trees.

The West and the ocean sets the stage for the sun to perform the setting sun scene with a cast of wonderful multi-hued clouds and crashing seas for an appreciative audience of Wave watchers.

To the southwest you will find a Frank Lloyd Wright home on the beach and the sweep of Carmel Point. Great waves gather and break at the northwest corner of Carmel Point. The home in the painting has a suggestion of a harp shape. When I first came to Carmel in the sixties, there used to be a great ornate harp you could see through the picture window. I used to imagine it had magical powers, playing itself while entertaining its friend the sea at sundown. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Sunshine Coast link

"Sunshine Coast," Australia
20 x24 -- $2,800

This was one of the marine locations we responded to on our trip around the world. The coastline was exciting and beautiful. Jonathan and I dove into paintings while Chris dove into the sea with his surf board, realizing his dream of riding the big Australian swells rolling out of the Pacific. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting Link

"Sundown at Waikiki," Hawaii
20 x 24 -- $2,800

This work was started on the beach. Hawaiian sundowns are unique for their warmth and variety. The work reflects the joy of responding to the splendid beauty discovered there. It is but one of the happy paintings started on a trip where three artists explored the visual delights of an island used more often as a gateway to the other wonderful islands in the Hawaiian chain. Don't overlook Oahu, it offers so much beyond Waikiki. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Waimea Sundown link
"Waimea Sundown," Oahu, Hawaii
20 x 24 -- $2,800

When the weather is anything short of perfect, vicariously I flee to the warmer climes of Hawaii, the Polynesian Islands, The Caribbean or Bermuda. Somewhere in my studio I am sure to find a painting started at one of those locations that has not been completed and I will take avail of my conditioned reflex reaction. When I paint I am transported back to the scene emotionally and in my memory. It is amazing how well I can recall so many of those wonderful sensory memories. It is even more amazing when I consider how bad my short term memory is. Waimea Beach has been a special North Shore area for me. Always with beautiful colors, great waves and warm memories and experiences. I particularly love the sundown sky and how it played on the sea and sand. This painting is about sharing the joy of Nature's splendor. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Circle of Love link


"Circle of Love," California Central Coast
24 x24 -- $3,200

I am fond of the symbolism of love found in circles. The contrast of the trees and shadow area brings the light on the sea back, and it flows with life. This is a happy warm painting that makes you feel good. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.


"Restless Sea, Pt Joe"

22 x 28 -- $3,800

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting Link

"Garden Poetry," Salem, Mass
22 x 28 -- $3,800

In England, in 1988, I started my series of paintings called, "Gardens of the World." Gardens are my love. A great number of my commission paintings are of private gardens. "Garden Poetry" was started in a private garden in the historical section of Salem, Mass. It is always a pleasure to return to my creative roots in New England. Winslow Homer once lived a block away from my studio in Gloucester. I started paintings from Twatchman's property and stayed at Eastern Point Light House that Hopper painted. I sailed by the luminist painter Fitzhugh Lane's home when I took my yawl to sea. l painted the same coastline that they and Frederick Waugh immortalized. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.


"Ocean Prayer," Carmel Point
24 x 30 -- $4,000

A pleasant day by the sea, filled with light and harmony, was captured in this work. This is at the south end of Carmel Point looking over to Point Lobos. There is an especially beautiful feeling of the light shining through the luminous wave. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting Link

"Hawaiian Blue"
Makapuu Point Light -- 24 x 30 -- $4,000

This is the next lighthouse after Diamond Head. One will drive by a superb rockbound coast and come upon this cove. It was another of our favorite places to paint, far from the crowds and condos. It must have been a special place for the local Hawaiian's, too. While we were there on our third return, we witnessed a group baptism of four babies just behind where we were painting. It made our painting experience that morning even more pleasurable to think that it was the chosen place for these babes to initiate their spiritual life on a beautiful sunlit morn, by Mother Mary's blue. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting link

"Sundown at Corfu," Greece
24 x 30 -- $4,000

We had a delightful seafood dinner overlooking the Mediterranean. We took a few short steps out on the sandy beach in front of the restaurant and I started this painting while Chris and Jonathan started theirs. The gentle surface of the sea was aglow with marvelous light and subtle harmonies. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.


"Sundown Dreams"

24x30 -- 4,000$

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.


"Return to Bennecourt" France
25 x 32 -- $4,500

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.


"Morning Mist" Giverney

25 x 32 -- $4,500

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting Link


"Gently Flows the Seine," France
25 x 32 -- $4,500

I returned to Bennecourt to paint while on our trip around the world. This work of art captures the late afternoon light flickering on the Seine along the pathways of Monet. Claude Monet lived in this area before he settled in Giverny. Bennecourt has always reflected the sense of peace and tranquillity that I find there relating to its gentle beauty. I started quite a few other paintings on the round the world trip, in Paris and other locations throughout France, rich in art history. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting Link

"Summer on the Seine," France
25 x 32 -- $4,500

This work was started in a boat on the Seine, shared with Jonathan. It was on a wonderfully warm summer day. The sky was flecked with fleecy cumulous clouds sailing on gentle breezes. We have all seen these clouds in impressionist paintings of this area. They are there waiting to be painted again. This area, Vetheuil, was a stepping stone for Monet; he also painted from his boat in this area. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.


"East of Eden" Carmel Valley
24 x 36 -- $4,900

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Cloud Walking link

"Cloud Walking At Cypress Point," Seal Rock west of Spyglass, 17 mile Drive
24 x 36 -- $4,900

One of the wonderful effects that the sea holds in store for you is the wonderful calming holistic feeling that can drain you of tension. Experiencing the reality of its strength and beauty with the myriad of your sensory awareness all on edge is the best way. That has been my approach at mastering seascape painting. The sea is painted with truth and excitement, with a beautiful perfect wave breaking on the beach near Seal Rock. The clouds in this painting dance visually among shapes that suggest identifiable forms. The natural grace and luminosity of this piece raises it above seascape genre into a work of fine art. Cypress Point affords the backdrop for this magnificent painting. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.


"Pacific Sundown"
24 x 36 -- $4,900

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting Link
(Gardens of the World Series)


"Seville Gardens," England
30 x 40 -- $9,900

This beautiful garden adjoins the Windsor Castle Grounds. This work was started in Europe as one of my Garden of the World painting series. There is a fine atrium restaurant overlooking the Gardens. As a member of England's National Trust and Charter Oak Society, I enjoyed painting gardens throughout England and the repast in the restaurants that serviced visitors. The American National Trust could learn much from the positive experiences visitors and artists have in England. They are not always available at our own National Trust Gardens. The beauty of the English Garden and countryside was one of the reasons why "No Matter the weather, the sun always shines in the hearts of Englishmen." Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

Painting link

"Treasure Island," Point Lobos, California
30 x48 -- $13,000

Robert Louis Stevenson used the locales around the Carmel area for visual inspiration for his stories. This scene is on the North shore of Point Lobos just west of Whaler's cove. The Cave in the painting almost suggests "Treasure Island." When I first came to Carmel, I lived on the property adjacent to Gibson Beach at Point Lobos. Over the years I have been inspired to respond in paintings and poetry in humble awe of the power and beauty of this unique and special place. Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

"Positano Morn", Amalfi Coast, Italy
24 x30-- $4000 Sold

Talk about another great view. Picture yourself at that table being served breakfast to start off your day. It was enjoyable at all times. The Italian food there was excellent though I must admit I can not remember having a meal anywhere in Italy that was not wonderful. I did seem to notice a change in my physical characteristic that was brough about by an abundance of good food and wine. I could sit upright and have a glass of wine rest on the top of my stomach as if it were on a ledge. Wnen I am home for a while that could never happen. This work was a study for a four by five foot commission work. While staying at that Hotel I rented a small power boat and went down the coast painted areas of the Amalfi Coast from a sailor's eye view. The Next Painting will show you how the on Location study became a major Commissioned Painting


" A Time for Wine?" Positano, The Amalfi Coast, Italy

4 foot by 5 foot -- $38,000

Click on the thumbnail painting above to see a larger image.

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