Unique Bleich Gallery Policies

Enjoy the Painting in your home with 25% down, 36 month interest free payment schedule.

Family Collectors program: With each new original, your collectors consideration goes up 5% until a cap of 25% is reached. Can be combined with commissions.


3 paintings 15%

4 paintings 20%

5 paintings 25%

Families can combine in their collector' programs, In some families I have 3 generations collecting my work

and they are all at 25%

Risk Free Commissions: You must love the work or your required 10 % deposit is refundable

You are cordially Invited to visit my home studio for a pleasurable enlightening experience of exercising your sense of perception in exploring interactive deep luminosity.

See for your self why Bleich Collectors who own Originals Monets, Renoirs. and Cezannes

feel the tradition of Impressionism lives on in Bleich's Paintings.

Discover for your self the emotional sense of deep space and luminosity that is the results of research, study and innovative creativity.

If you see my 2004 Silver Vibe in the drive way drop in and surprise me.

Purchase Procedures

First option: Contact us by E-mail at gjbleich@gmail.com

Let me know your interest and we can communicate via E-mail or phone for a start.

Phone 831-372-2717

This is the only number you can contact me at of the artist studio residence,

please leave message with your telephone number so I may return your call.

If you are intrigued with a certain theme or size of a painting that you do not see on this site, email or call me

telling me what you are interested in. We can email you an image that may meet your needs and expand your choice and selection.